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We provide affordable, hassle free annual tax returns for individuals and small businesses.

PAYE+ Tax Returns

We specialise in completing tax returns for small businesses and PAYE workers who have additional income that they are obliged to declare, such as rental income, Airbnb, farming income and any other income that was not chargeable under the pay as you earn system.


We cater for landlords, farmers, beauticians, hairdressers, musicians, those in the building trade and many more.

Sole Trader/Small Business Tax Returns

Are you a sole trader or involved in a partnership? We specifically work only with the owners of these types of business giving you unparalleled experience and advice in all matters from set-up all the way through the life cycle of your business.

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Landlord Tax Returns

Are you receiving income from property rental? Are you registered as an Airbnb host? We can ensure you are claiming all the available tax reliefs on your rental income tax return.

Our simple 5 step tax return process

1. contact

Tax Returns Step 1

Get in touch today! We'll ask a few simple questions to get things started.

2. Docs

Tax Returns Step 2

Send us the required documentation.

3. relax

Tax Returns Step 3

We get busy completing your tax return.

4. finalise

Tax Returns Step 6

Once complete, we go through the details with you.

5. smile

Tax Returns Step 5

Your tax return is filed with Revenue… and breath!