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70% of Irish PAYE workers are over paying their taxes. With deep knowledge of the Irish Taxation system, we can ensure you are claiming all credits and secure any refund available from the Revenue.

are you due a tax refund?

You may be due a tax refund if you:

  • Worked full or part time
  • Changed jobs
  • Have medical expenses
  • Been made redundant
  • Worked abroad
  • Got married/separated
  • Went to college

No Refund – No Fee!

no refund — no fee!

15% Commission – No Refund, No Fee!

The Tax Clinic offers a no refund, no fee policy – so you can find out for free whether you're owed a tax refund from the last four years and decide if you want to apply to get it back. We only deduct our fee once your tax refund is received from the tax office.

Our simple tax refund process

1. form

Fill in our simple form
(see below)

2. let's talk

We contact you
(to help fill in any blanks)

3. process

If we advise you to proceed
(we process your claim)

4. refund

We send you your tax refund!
(happy days!)

To get started simply fill in our form

Or if you don't like forms, just get in touch and we can go through everything in person.