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Universal Social Charge

What is the Universal Social Charge (USC)?
The Universal Social Charge (USC) is a new tax charge for 2011, replacing the Health Levy & the Income Levy. The Universal Social Charge is payable on your wages from January 2011 at the following rates:

Universal Social Charge – 2011 Rates & Limits*
Rate Annual Threshold Monthly Threshold Weekly Threshold
2% €0 to €10,036 €0 to €836 €0 to €193
4% €10,037 to €16,016 €837 to €1,335 €194 to €308
7% €16,017 and above €1,336 and above €309 and above


* as of 2012, if you earn under €10,036 in the year, you are exempt from the USC. And If you are over 70 or have a medical card, your maximum rate is limited to 4%. In 2011, this exemption limit was set at €4,004 of income in the year.

Performing a rough calculation of your USC

  • If you are Weekly paid, your USC will be just under €8.50 for the first €300 you earn, then €7 for every €100 you earn above this.
  • If you are paid Fortnightly, your USC will be just under €17 for the first €600 you earn, then €7 for every €100 you earn above this.
  • If you are paid Monthly, your USC will be just over €36 for the first €1,300 you earn, and again €7 for every €100 you earn above this.


Universal Social Charge – Refunds & More
If you worked the full year for the same company, the Universal Social Charge amount you paid should be correct. But if you did not work the full year or changed jobs in the course of the year, you are very likely due a USC refund – Apply now and we will check for USC as well as checking for income tax refunds.

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