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Tax Refund claims for Employment Expenses

Who can claim?
Employment expenses are allowed at fixed rates for employees working in certain employment sectors, such as education, retail, hospitaility, construction and healthcare. If you have a strong union in your industry, you are probably due good employment expenses!

How much can be claimed?
Depending on your role, you may be able to reduce the amount of your employment income that is taxable by over €1,000.

Am I due Tax Refunds?
The Tax Clinic offers a no refund, no fee policy – so you can find out for free whether you’re owed a tax refund from the last four years and decide if you want to apply to get it back. We only deduct our fee once your tax refund is received from the tax office.

Occupations receiving tax relief
Here are some of the main occupations that get employment expenses:

  • Teachers, in primary and secondary schools as well as third level institutes receive fixed rate employment expenses against the cost of school books and supplies.
  • Nurses, Doctors and care staff in hospitals receive allowances against the cost of uniforms. Their are allowances for most professions in the health sector, as well as for related occupations, such as pharmacists & Dentists.
  • Are you involved in the motor trade? Trades including mechanics, fitters, greasers and general workers receive occupational expenses which are normal missed in your take home pay.
  • Retail staff, such as shop assistants receive employment expenses. Again these can be claimed going back 4 years.
  • Bar and hotel trade employees, from managers to bar staff, from kitchen chefs to waiting staff are due expenses.
  • Worked in the Building Trade? then labourers through engineers, through plasterers and carpenters are due expenses

Claim your tax back today!
No Minimum Fee, just one simple form – so Apply Today!

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